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Qatar is emerging as one of the most dynamic economies in the Middle East, with a clear vision for its future and the determination and resources to fulfill it, offering significant business and investment opportunities to both new and established players in the financial sector.

Qatar has taken significant steps towards creating a modern, knowledge-based economy, as the basis for a stable and sustainable future.

The government is using its vast oil and gas wealth to create a society that provides opportunities for all.

Investment in education is a key strategy. To support its vision of a modern, service oriented, knowledge-based economy, the government has recognized the central importance of education, funding social development and technological projects at all levels.

The Qatar Finance & Business Academy (QFBA), established early in 2009, is the only national institution specialized in providing training and development services for the financial sector in Qatar, operating under the auspices of the QFC Authority. Its prime objective is to support the country’s development as a leading financial services hub and world-class regulatory environment.

Our Products

Custom made programs

Utilizing a four-stage process (Diagnose – Design – Deliver – Evaluate), QFBA partners with world class organizations to design customized learning programs addressing the business issues they face now and into the future. Drawing from its pool of learning professionals and expert practitioners from around the region and the world, custom programs are delivered using innovative and relevant learning methodologies.

Open Portfolio programs

QFBA’s open-portfolio programs are designed around the critical issues facing the business environment today and into the future – these programs address the challenges and opportunities for professionals in the financial services industry in the areas of:

  • Banking
  • Certifications
  • Communication and Soft Skills
  • Insurance
  • Capital markets and Asset management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Islamic finance
  • Foundation skills
  • Compliance and Anti-money laundering
  • Business and Management

All areas incorporate reputable accreditation, delivering qualifications and certifications against all assessed levels of technical competence and in line with regulatory authority rules and regulations.

At QFBA, we see learning as a journey rather than an event. We want to accompany you and your organization on that journey, sharing knowledge, skills and experiences to create your own stories.

Of course, you'll decide where you want to go. But we'll be there to help you find the best path and support you at every step.

While you’re with us, you’ll meet new people, have new experiences and develop new skills which will equip you for a successful future. QFBA offers you the opportunity to explore new ways of thinking and doing.

Personal development is also all about self-discovery – working with us at QFBA will enable you to diagnose both your own and your organization’s learning requirements, to design a personal development plan and follow a learning journey that will deliver against your needs now and into the future.

Learning isn’t just about knowledge and skills – learning is all about beliefs and behaviors. You can have the best academics delivering the latest research, but if you aren’t convinced that this is relevant to you, you won’t do anything different. Learning only works in context – your personal context, the context of the organization, the industry and what’s going on in the global business environment.


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