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Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed

Banking Executive

Manzoor is a Banking Executive at QFBA.  He is a qualified consultant/ advisor with over 15 years of experience in Banking & Financial Services.

He is recognized for his extensive industry knowledge and advisory experience gained from working with large international organizations including CIBC Wealth Management, Canada and Wachovia Bank, USA.  

Manzoor’s work involves assessing and consulting the training requirement of financial sector for both industry and Government bodies in Qatar.  Based on his assessment, he advises them with their training needs and develop customize solutions and prepare long term plan aligned with the organization’s objectives.  In addition to this, he is involved with wide range of business development projects here at QFBA.

Manzoor has Bachelors in Business Administration degree major in Finance from Florida International University, USA, Post-Bachelor degree major in Accounting from Wayne State University, USA, and an MBA from Colorado State University, USA.  In addition to formal education; he has acquired numerous industry certifications, including Certified Financial Planner designation.


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