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What is Kawader?

As it strives to build a knowledge-based economy, Qatar is strategically investing massive resources to develop its financial services industry as a key source of sustainable growth for its citizens and residents alike.

To underpin this development, Qatar recognizes that a highly-skilled human capital is the foundation by which steady growth can be attained.

With this objective, QFC Authority and Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) have partnered to launch Kawader – a unique training programme as an incubator for the next generation of business leaders and decision-makers in Qatar’s emerging financial services industry.

Kawader is a five-month long development programme designed for Qatari students whom have just graduated from university/college. The program enables them to acquire skills and build competencies in cross-functional areas in the financial sector.

Kawader aims to:

  • encourage the most talented young Qataris to pursue a career in the financial sector
  • motivate and empower talented Qatari students, providing them with internationally-recognized qualifications in the financial sector
  • encourage collaboration between the industry and academia
  • provide students access to best practices and globally recognized standards in the industry


Who are the stakeholders?

QFC Authority
Responsible for leading the expansion of Qatar’s financial services sector and for developing relationships with the regional and global financial community, the QFC Authority is a proud sponsor of the Kawader program.

A learning and development organization set up to deliver financial services training, QFBA will bring to the program valuable access to experienced faculty/instructor pool to deliver training towards professional qualifications.

Financial sector
As an integral part of Qatar’s business landscape, the financial sector – local and multinational financial institutions in particular – will provide the internships as well as serve as a pool of potential employers for the students after successfully completing the program.

The Kawader initiative will draw students largely from local and international colleges and universities in Qatar. University partners for Kawader include Georgetown University, Qatar University, Stenden University Qatar, and Carnegie Mellon University Qatar.

What will the program cover?

Kawader Program Structure

Module 1 Introduction to Qatar’s Financial Landscape
Module 2 Introduction to Conventional and Islamic Banking
Module 3 Introduction to Insurance and Takaful
Module 4 Introduction to Asset Management
Module 5 Introduction to Capital Markets
Module 6 Financial English (ICFE)
Module 7 Leadership Management (ILM)
Module 8 Corporate Social Responsibility
Module 9 Advanced Stream Wise Sessions (Banking, Islamic Finance,Capital Markets or Assets Management)
Module 10 Experiential Learning (Internship)

*Experiential Learning can be provided in a local financial institution or in any of the branches/offices overseas of a multinational financial institution in Qatar.

**Enrollment to the advanced streams is subject to the number of applications received for each stream.


When will the program commence?

Kawader commences tentatively in September every year and runs approximately 4-5 months.

Delivery Location:

  • All instructor-led modules will be conducted at the QFBA learning facilities at:

    QFC Tower 2, Al Wahda Street
    West Bay, Doha
    Location map

  • Modules will be delivered by a pool of professionally-trained instructors and industry-chartered practitioners


What’s in it for the students?

Kawader will provide the students:

  • Training towards internationally-recognized professional qualifications/certifications including those from Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE)
  • Experiential Learning with local and international financial institutions
  • Soft skills and personal development programs
  • Business English skills development programs


Who can apply?

Qatari fresh university graduates in the business stream majoring in Economics, Accounting, Finance or Banking.

In addition, applicants must have:

  • A good command of spoken and written English
  • A GPA score of 2.8 or higher
  • A TOEFL score of 76 or higher or an IELTS score of 6 or higher
  • Any equivalent qualification demonstrating English proficiency in lieu of TOEFL and IELTS

How to apply?

Step 1      Download the Kawader application form here. Print and fill out the form.

Step 2      Attach photocopies of the following to the application form:

  • Official transcript of latest GPA score
  • National ID card
  • TOEFL, IELTS or any equivalent English proficiency qualification
  • Letter of sponsorship from sponsoring Ministry/Company/Group/Organization (if applicable)

Step 3      Submit the completed application form along with the required attachments by email or in person. Please note only fully completed forms with all the required attachments will be considered for selection.

  • By Email
    Attach the completed form and the required attachments and send to Kawader@qfba.edu.qa
  • In Person
    Drop off the completed form and the required attachments in an envelope addressed to Kawader Program Coordinator at:

    QFBA, 15th Floor
    QFC Tower 2, Al Wahda Street
    West Bay, Doha
    Note: QFBA is open from Sundays to Thursdays, from 8 am to 5 pm.

What next?

  • QFBA will screen applications and schedule interviews for qualified applicants. Only qualified applicants will be invited for interviews
  • QFBA will conduct interviews for qualified applicants
  • Based on the evaluation, QFBA will communicate the final selection to the selected candidates, and the Kawader stakeholders – relevant universities, QFC Authority, and financial institutions hosting the internship
  • Program commences as per the scheduled timelines



  • 1. What documents must I submit in order for my application to be considered complete?
    An application would be considered complete when all application criteria are completed and are supported with copies of certificates/documents.
  • 2. How many intakes are there in one year?
    Usually, there is one intake in September of the year. QFBA website will provide all relevant and up-to-date information for the same. Announcements will also be made in the major local newspapers and/or other media from time to time.
  • 3. How many students per intake will Kawader program have?
    There can be from 20 -35 participants per Kawader cohort.
  • 4. I am currently in my final year at university. Am I eligible to apply for this programme?
    Only fresh graduates or those with up to 2 years of experience are eligible to apply for Kawader.
  • 5. If my application was not successful, is there any other way to get selected for the program?
    The selection process for enrollment to Kawader program is very rigorous and we consider several factors before selecting our candidates. In order to ensure opportunity to all talented and qualifying candidates and since the batch is quite small, non-qualifying applications will not be considered.
  • 6. Can a student who is not from Business Administration, Economics, Accounting or Finance stream apply for the Program?
    Kawader program is designed for participants who have a background of either of the above-mentioned streams. The program will not prove beneficial to participants from any other areas of education.
  • 7. If my application has qualified for the program do I get enrolled for Kawader?
    Please note that fulfillment of qualification criteria does not lead to automatic enrollment to the Kawader program. Candidates will be selected after carrying out a selection process involving face-to –face interviews among other selection criteria.
  • 8. What are the other selection criteria?
    We will be looking at the following elements in a participant: Motivation, Talent, Commitment, Interest in working in the financial services sector, Language proficiency, Communication skills, Confidence, and Professional attitude.
  • 9. Is the program full-time or part-time?
    Kawader is a three to four month (full time) intensive training program meant to be taken by fresh graduates.
  • 10. Where will the program be conducted?
    Majority of the program elements will be delivered at QFBA premises in Qatar. However, some elements such as experiential learning will be at the host company premises.
  • 11. How is the training program conducted?
    Kawader training program includes elements of classroom and on-the-job training. All technical classroom based modules are via lecture series, workshops and case studies. Participants will also undergo training on financial business English, soft skills & personal development which will involve group exercises, individual learning and simulation. Internship and attachment involves practicing in a corporate environment and has elements of mentorship and real world scenarios.
  • 12. How can a participant not lose out on the Kawader opportunity if he/she has started working after graduation?
    QFBA will facilitate this for the selected participant by talking to their sponsoring company and obtaining necessary approvals for the participant to take up the Kawader program.
  • 13. Will Kawader program be conducted each year?
  • 14. If a participant does not clear the exams, what is the next step?
    Kawader provides workshops and learning towards some international certifications in areas such as Banking, Islamic Finance, etc. If the participant does not pass the exam scheduled by QFBA, they can directly liaise with the Certification provider and resit(resit fee payable by the participant) for the exam at a later point of time. 
  • 15. What are the benefits of the Kawader program?
    Kawader trainings are directed towards providing the participants with internationally-recognized professional qualifications/certifications. The Internships/attachments with local and international financial institutions will further augment the participant’s knowledge about the various learning. In addition, the soft skills and personal development programs will hone the participant’s skills in these areas. The program will provide a holistic development for each participant by inculcating various skills sets and professional industry led learning.
  • 16. Are there payment obligations in the program? If yes, what are the costs?
    Program delivery for Kawader is fully sponsored program by Qatar Financial Centre Authority. The students will not be bearing any costs.
  • 17. What happens if I withdraw half way in the course of the program?
    Depending upon the reason and the circumstances for the withdrawal, QFBA will decide upon the course of action on a case to case basis. Also, please note prior to joining the program each student is required to agree and sign the terms and conditions for the program. Each participant is expected to adhere to the terms and conditions during the course of the program.
  • 18. Will I be able to take leave of absence from Kawader?
    Since this is an intensive, fast track training Program, there is no official leave allowed during the Program. Absences due to illness, death of a family member, hospitalization, court appearances or any other emergencies are required to be reported by telephone or email to the training coordinator.

Click here to download KAWADER Brochure

If you are experiencing difficulties with the online form, kindly send an email to kawader@qfba.edu.qa or Download the form



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