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19 Participants Conclude Part A of Kawader Program

Since its launch in July 2013, Kawader has received an exceptional response from the students and our partners. The first batch of the program that commenced on 14th July 2013 has 19 participants coming from Qatar based universities such as : Qatar University, Stenden University, Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon and from foreign universities such as: Strayer University & University of Colorado. The participants went through a rigorous selection and interview process with QFBA before being confirmed into the Kawader program.

Please see below the list of the first batch of participants for the Kawader program:

  • Abdulaziz Al Khater
  • Athba Naqadan
  • Aysha Al-Marzouqi
  • Dana AlMalki
  • Fatima Al Malki
  • Fatima Abdulla
  • Hamayan Al-Shereem
  • Khalid Al-Isahaq
  • Mohammed Al-Suwaidi
  • Mohammed Kafoud
  • Muneera Al-Kaabi
  • Nawal Almari
  • Saad Al-Kubaisi
  • Sara Kamal
  • Sulaiman  Alhaidar
  • Yousef Alemadi
  • Yousuf  Al Mansoor

Part A of the Kawader program has 2 modules and runs for 4 to 6 weeks: Module 1 comprises of trainings led by industry professionals delivering sessions on the financial environment and landscape in Qatar accompanied by some personal development sessions. Module 2 involves internships with mostly QFC registered firms giving participants a flavor of working in Qatar’s financial sector. 

For the current batch, over the first week of the program, the participants enjoyed sessions on Qatar’s Financial Services Sector and Capital Market sector, QFCA’s Legal and tax environment & QFCRA’s Regulatory Framework. We had some leading industry practitioners such as Mr.David Dhanoo - Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary, Group Legal (QFCA) and Dr. Ali Alamari - QFCRA’s Senior Director of the Regulatory Affairs deliver few of the above sessions.

The participants are now in their 2nd week into the program and are interning with several firms:

  • KPMG
  • Mckinsey
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers - PWC
  • Qatar Exchange - QE
  • Qatar Finical Center and Authority - QFCA
  • Qatar Finance and Business Academy - QFBA
  • Qatar Finance Market Authority
  • Qatar First Bank
  • Qinvest
  • SEIB Insurance and Reinsurance

Upon conclusion of their internship by end of August, Part A of the program will be successfully complete and will pave the way for Part B to begin in the 1st week of September for those Kawader participants that have already graduated from universities.

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