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During the graduation ceremony, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Horr praised the QIIB initiative of training and empowering Qatari employees, pointing out that the Academy’s major  role is to develop the competencies of nationals in the financial and banking sector by not only honing their existing skills but also training them towards internationally recognized qualification and certifications 

He reiterated that the Academy aims to achieve continual partnership and cooperation with major stakeholders in the country for the benefit of the financial sector, thus contributing to the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Dr. Al-Horr wished the graduates success in their future endeavour, and encouraged them to focus on practical experience and continuous learning. Regardless of the high competencies of the universities, various learning institutes, and training centres, practical learning is key to one’s progress in life.

In collaboration with the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), QIIB is celebrating the graduation of eight Qataris within the promising competencies programme

·      Al-Shaibei: The programme is significant in that it illustrates QIIB`s interest in the Qatari cadres, enabling them to take over leadership positions

·      Dr. Al-Horr: Qatar Finance and Business Academy has established an effective partnership with QIIB to equip young Qatari  talented professionals and empower them  with knowledge and skills across various banking functions


DOHA: Within its "promising competencies" programme, Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) celebrated the graduation of eight young Qataris, in collaboration with the Qatar Finance and Business Academy.

The programme aims to develop leadership competencies in Qataris and entrusting them with important positions within the bank.

Held at the Qatar Finance and Business Academy, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Abdulbasit Ahmed Al-Shaibei, QIIB Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Horr, QFBA CEO, Mr. Jamal Abdullah Al-Jamal, QIIB Deputy CEO and Mr. Ali Hamad Al-Musaifry, QIIB Head (Human Resources and Public Services).

This event was also attended by some officials who led the training programme, which was designed and launched jointly by QIIB and Qatar Finance and Business Academy.

Mr. Al-Shaibei and Dr  Al-Horr both handed over certificates to the graduates who have spent six months acquiring various intensive banking knowledge and skills, be it theoretical or practical, which enable them to perform the expected tasks, based on internationally approved best banking standards.

Mr Al-Shaibei congratulated the graduates and lauded their commitment throughout the training period, which lasted six months. During this programme, they learnt different training subjects including principles and products of Islamic banking, marketing, customer service, English language, professional performance skills, leadership skills, risk management among others.

They acquired practical skills through their work in the QIIB branches for one day each week and throughout the training period.

The CEO also called upon the graduates to be creative and get involved in self-development programme on an ongoing basis, emphasising the need of taking advantage of their colleagues` experience and expertise, and build on it to develop their skills, increase customer satisfaction and serve them in the best possible, quick and reliable way.

Mr Al-Shaibei stated that the QIIB was satisfied about its key programme to nurture and develop the Qatari talent and employ them in various positions within the bank.

QIIB has made major strides towards its Qatarisation drive, which remains a top priority for the bank. Community service and human development are central to the bank’s strategic vision.

He said the Qatar National Vision 2030 lays emphasis on investing in, and developing human resources.

“As we stand here and celebrate the success of eight young Qatari graduates, who have been equipped to take over important assignments in QIIB, we are participating in realising this great national vision of equipping and empowering Qataris in the banking sector, and help them grow in the profession.”

The QIIB CEO pointed out that all the indicators confirm the bank’s success in preparing and training Qatari cadres at various levels.

“The commitment and enthusiasm shown by the graduates during the various stages of the training programme inspire and motivate us to go further and initiate future steps in this regard, especially because we already have a solid base upon which we can build.

“We have so far organised ‘two employment days’ in the last few years, wherein we have provided young Qataris with more than 130 job opportunities. This is in addition to our ongoing efforts at attracting and developing Qatari talent.”

Mr. Al-Shaibei said, “Through our focus on the Qatari youth, we aim to achieve two goals. The first one is to attract Qataris, empower them and provide them with the expertise, knowledge and opportunities for career advancement, which in turn contribute to national development. The second one is to ensure that Qataris take up leadership positons within the bank with proper competencies.”

The CEO expressed QIIB’s deep thanks and appreciation to the Qatar Finance and Business Academy led by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Horr for their great cooperation and efforts in developing and empowering Qatari human resources, which are of great value to the bank.

Further, the strategic partnership between QIIB and QFBA will contribute to the well-being of the Qatari society at large.

On their part, the graduates expressed their gratitude and thanks to QIIB for the attention it paid on them.

They also expressed their thanks to the Qatar Finance and Business Academy, which assigned to them qualified and eminent lecturers and trainers, who exerted great efforts to equip them with knowledge and experience, both in theory and practice.

They confirmed their readiness to handle the assigned functional duties within the QIIB organisational structure, hoping that they will be able to meet the expectations of the bank's management, which trusted and provided them with all the necessary support and assistance to launch a successful career

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