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Doha - Qatar, September 2016 - In a new professional achievement added to his distinguished academic career, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr, CEO of the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), has won the "Movers & Shakers" award presented by the Asian Council for Human Resources Development "The Asia HRD Awards", in recognition of his contributions to the development of human capital at the local level in particular, and the regional level in general.

The award was presented to Dr. Al Horr by the Asian Council for Human Resources Development for his efforts in transforming QFBA into a leading role model in the field of professional training and qualification by relying on the latest technologies, knowledge and best practices in the world of finance and business, thereby contributing to the building and development of human resources in the financial and banking sector, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 that aims for the realization of a science and knowledge-based economy.

During the "Movers & Shakers" awarding ceremony by the organizing committee, in a special event held to mark the occasion at the Shangri-La hotel in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, and in the presence of a large gathering of leading figures on the level of Asia and the Middle East, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr said:

"My participation in this auspicious ceremony comes on the behalf of the QFBA team, as through the efforts of all its members, we were able to achieve one success after another, in the course of raising the status of our Academy to where it deserves to be. Over the years, we have together proved our ability to design and deliver leading training programs based on the latest in innovation and advanced practices in the business world, in order to qualify our human cadres and enable them to proficiently carry out the tasks entrusted to them, as to speed up the economic development process in the State of Qatar and effectively contribute in the realization of the Qatar National Vision 2030."

He added: "The homage paid to QFBA by a prestigious international institution like the Asian Council for Human Resources Development is a great honor for our team and a new responsibility received upon us to continue to work harder in order to meet the aspirations of our human resources and respond to the challenges posed by the finance and the business sector every day."

In this context, the Asian Council for Human Resources Development, based in Kuala Lumpur, praised the merits of granting the ""Movers & Shakers" award to Dr. Al Horr, as it emphasized his role in the dedication of QFBA’s efforts to develop both theoretical and practical training programs, and the influential role they play in the process of raising the industry standards for financial services and helping organizations and professionals in achieving their academic and career goals.

The Asian Council for Human Resources Development is an international body concerned with the influential and exceptional contributions made by the nominees and winners of in the field of human capital development through their initiatives and programs in relevant disciplines and their dedication to serving the local community in particular, and the regional and Asian community in general.


Qatar Academy of Business and Finance is working with world-class universities and international consulting firms to provide the best training programs and international accredited certificates awarded by prestigious international organizations. Through a qualified team and the support of the Qatar Financial Centre and various business entities in the state, the academy strives to provide the best training services to develop Qatari talents.

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