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 Doha – Qatar, October 2016 – Towards raising the bar for chief executive capacities in the country and empowering Qatari talents to reach new heights, Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), in partnership with The CEO Institute, has announced the kickoff of the ‘Future CEO’ program in Qatar.

 By officially launching the internationally-acclaimed training and certification program, QFBA – with the support of the Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA), is setting the pathway for fresh Qatari graduates and existing senior executives to become the country’s future leaders across all business sectors, while taking human capital development in Qatar to a higher new level.

The announcement was made during a press conference in the presence of QFBA and QFC’s leadership, senior-level managers from prominent companies, and members of the media.

During the press conference, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Horr, CEO at QFBA, said:

“Today, QFBA is marking a major milestone in its efforts to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030 with its emphasis on the development and empowerment of human capital, in the context of transforming Qatar into a knowledge-based economy. To that end, our newly introduced ‘Future CEO’ program will empower professionals to break new grounds in various business territories and prepare them to become tomorrow’s best-in-class CEOs, future leaders, and creators of a long-lasting impact on the future direction of Qatar.”

He added: “In addition to offering an elite group of senior executives and top-tier Qatari talents with a unique opportunity to develop the financial, strategic and communication skills they need to successfully manage a company and drive its growth, he highly sought-after program verifies their credentials through The CEO Institute, the first global certification body for CEOs, acting as a complete platform for fast-track career progression and carving their names among the world’s most top profiled leaders.”

Mr. Fahad Zeinal, Advisor to the office of the CEO, QFCA, said:

“We are extremely pleased to join efforts with the Qatar Finance and Business Academy to help develop Qatar’s human capital. The Future CEO Program is a unique opportunity that will allow future CEOs to deepen their knowledge and expertise in leadership and business management. It will also provide a new generation of talented professionals with practical experience to enable them to meet the growing requirements of Qatar’s and the region’s private sector.”

The Future CEO program features a blended model of facilitated and experiential learning in a supportive peer-to-peer environment. The program focuses on presenting, discussing and solving real-world challenges and opportunities faced by experienced Executives as they work to develop their firms, their careers and their own sense of ability and worth, all under the guidance of an independent chairman-facilitator, who has been hand-picked for their professorial and professional credentials.

As part of the process, valuable networking opportunities, critical peer-to-peer problem solving and an open-sharing environment are facilitated by carefully matching group members for compatible skill levels and activity in non-competing business sectors.

In addition to the Curriculum Framework prescribing 15 key subject areas that Chairmen use to develop focused meeting agendas, five core topics are specified annually for each region to deliver outcomes directly relevant to the national business environment and the specific needs of local business leaders.

To lend credibility and support towards their career progression, eligible Future CEO Members receive an international certification from The CEO Institute upon the completion of 15 full-day meetings as part of the ‘Future CEO’ program, to establish their CEO credentials. Having achieved that distinction, certified CEOs enjoy a valuable point of difference and can easily stand out among hundreds of other candidates for senior level jobs.

The Future CEO program has been designed to support senior executives and top-tier Qatari talents with the knowledge, training and networking opportunities that will empower them to reach new horizons through their ongoing commitment to self-learning, influential inspiration and access to essential tools and resources.

Being the first ever semi-governmental institution to adopt the pioneering executive training program, QFBA, in association with QFCA, is introducing the ‘Future CEO’ program to Qatar, in line with the Academy’s mission to raise the financial services industry standards and help organizations and professionals in the country as well as the region achieve their learning and business objectives.

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