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  • In a clear demonstration of its passion for learning, QFBA has unveiled its new corporate website featuring a refreshing design plus enhanced features. Simple, elegant artwork combined with a calming colour palette creates a distinct ‘look and feel’ very much unlike other organisations’ often busy and cluttered websites.
  • Designed to be thought-provoking while focusing on topics that envision the ‘learning journey,’ QFBA commenced its ‘Learning Day Series’ today. A series of informal learning sessions, the QFBA Learning Series aims to engage participants on a range of relevant subjects impacting human resources, learning and development, coaching, leadership and talent development.
  • QFBA (The Qatar Finance and Business Academy) hosted a two day showcase event on 6 and 7 December at its headquarters in QFC Tower 2, West Bay. QFBA is a Qatar-based learning and development organization which was established in 2009 in partnership between the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.
  • Qatar Financial & Business Academy (QFBA), a Qatar-based learning and development organisation established in partnership between the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority and Qatar Foundation (QF) for education, science and community development has announced the launch of its activities in October 2009.

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