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Bank Guarantees

Start Date:
10 Dec 2018
3 days
QAR 4950
Often in commercial and financial transactions as well as in International Trade transactions, one party is required to secure his obligations to another party. For example, a seller wants to give assurance to the buyer that he will be compensated in the case of non-performance or default by the seller. A buyer may want assurance that advance payments and progress payments will be returned to him if a project is not successfully completed. A bank may be able to meet such needs by issuing a standby or performance letter of credit or guarantee.
The 3 day program on Bank guarantees is designed for Commercial and Corporate Banking professionals
Who routinely support their client needs for providing first class performance or payment assurance
To their counterparties through Bank Guarantees.
Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the legal structures and international conventions supporting Bank Guarantees
  • Understand the various types of Bank Guarantees
  • Reflect on the payment and repayment mechanisms on which guarantees are structured
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and risks of different parties involved in guarantees including the bank
  • Reflect on how large contract financing rests on Bank Guarantees
  • Understand bank balance sheet implications of issuance of guarantees
  • Reflect on the situations appropriate to issuance of Letters of Guarantee/Bank Guarantees/ Stand By Letters of Credit and Letters of Credit
Target Audience
  • Bank Legal Counsels
  • Bankers involved in Guarantee Issuance
  • Credit Managers
  • Bank Corporate and Commercial teams
  • Graduate Management Trainees
Course Structure
This level uses interactive training methods of a combination of lectures, group discussions, and self- assigned assessments. Interesting case studies from the real world are a part of this course.
Course Facts
Duration:  3 Days 

Content Highlights
  • Guarantee
  • Bonds : Bid Bonds/Performance Bonds/Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Warranty/ Retention or Maintenance Bonds
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Letter of Indemnity Letter of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Performance Letter of Credit
  • Guarantees in Contract Financing
Program Contents
Module 1 - URDG 458
Module 2 - Issuance of the letter of credit/demand guarantee
Module 3 - Contract between two parties to a commercial transaction
Module 4 - Agreement between the bank and its customer
Module 5 - Guarantees as Contingent Liability on Bank's Balance Sheet
Module 6 - Reimbursement
Module 7 - Standby letter of credit
Module 8 - Performance letter of credit
Module 9 - Demand guarantees
Module 10 - Bid Bonds
Module 11 - Performance Bond
Module 12 - Advance Payment Bond
Module 13 - Warranty/Maintenance Bond (or retention bond)
Module 14 - Guarantees against financial obligations
Module 15 - Payment guarantee
Module 16 - Loan or Repayment guarantee
Module 17 - Non-trade uses of demand guarantees
Module 18 - Guarantees in Contract Financing
Module 19 - Commercial laws and Legal implications impacting Bank Guarantees

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