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Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

Start Date:
10 Dec 2018
QAR 4050

Course Name: Problem Solving & Decision Making
Course Information
Problem Solving requires more than just a creative mind. Problem Solving and Decision making is an opportunity to analyze any related problem  causing situations, and explore efficient solution and together work towards effective decisions. As individuals, each participant will have the opportunity to explore and apply various problems analysis tools using the facts and knowledge that are readily available. In addition, by tapping into the knowledge of others (staff, colleagues, family, or friends), they can expand the range of solutions available to them. This workshop should help all participants reconstruct their efforts and learn new ways to approach problem solving, and develop practical ways to solve some of their most pressing problems leading to a win-win decisions process.
Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand how the mind works
  • Create a clear framework for decision making
  • Define problem solving
  • Identify the relation between decision making and problem solving
  • Be able to use a unified model for both making decisions and solving problems
  • Differentiate between different types of problems
  • Apply a six-step problem solving model within any problem situation
  • Understand why problem solving can sometimes fail within organizations
Target Audience:
Everyone across the organization.
Course Structure:
This course uses interactive training methods of a combination of lecturing; group and individual exercises/discussion; self-assessment questionnaires; and team simulations
Course Facts:
Duration: 3 Days 
Program Contents
Module: 1
  • Your Mind at work
  • Exercise 1 (who owns the Zebra)
  • Exercise 2 (The match sticks)
  • The Art of effective decision making
  • Sharing decisions with others
Module 2:
  • Brainstorming
  • Generate Ideas
  • Key problem solving strategies
  • Steps for problem solving
  • Causes of problems
  • Solving problems methods 
Module 3:
  • PROBLEM Activity
  • Define PROBLEM
  • Types of Problems
  • Examples of problems, Decisions and consequences
  • 6 Problem solving Style
  • The Problem Solving Model 
Module 4:
  • The 7 skills
  • 6 steps to solving problems
  • Rational Management approach
  • Creativity and problem solving?
  • Decision Making Techniques

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