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Seven Steps to Achieve Success in Social Media

Start Date:
10 Dec 2018
QAR 3300
Course Name: The Seven Steps to Achieve Success in Social Media
Course Information
Do you have an online store? Do you have experience with e-commerce? or are you still starting your adventure with e-commerce?
Regardless, you will not succeed until you can attract clients to your e-business. You have to be interesting and outstanding, so that people will want to follow you. If you manage to do so, you will have a great marketing channel at no financial expense. So what can you do to attract customers using social media?
The mere presence in social media channels is enables you free promotion. However, there is a key to success in social media.
Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • To perform your own success plan on social media
  • To implement the plan successfully on social media
  • To market for the success on social media
  • To achieve success in various social media platforms
  • To communicate with others effectively through social media
  • To improve arabic content through analysis on social media
Target Audience:
  • Affiliate businesses
  • Self promotion or branding
  • Online business or store
  • Entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce Entrepreneurs seeking business promotion 
  • Social media manager
  • Social media users
  • Companies looking for more clients
  • Media Managers seeking higher success rates
  • Employees in social media companies
Prerequisites: Introduction to Social Media Basics
Course Structure:
This workshop provides interactive training sessions that involves lecturing, group discussion/exercises, self-assessment questionnaires, case studies, role-play activities, and video-based learning. This workshop is designed to provide complete buffer guide to social media success in seven steps. In addition, this course will provide ways to measuring metrics to evaluate success on social media. It will also help review how to use social media marketing to make it more engaging.
Course Facts:
Duration: 2 Days

Program Contents
  • Fun and light-hearted ice breaker activity (The little known fact, true or false, problem solvers, etc)
  • Introduction about the importance of social media and its impact on individuals success
  • Statistics about individuals, companies or institutions that created success through social media
Module 1
  • How to plan your own success on social media?
  • How to implement social media plans to your business?
Module 2
  • How to market your success on social media?
  • How to achieve success in various social media platforms succeed?
Module 3
  • How to successfully communicate with others on the internet?
  • How to improve the Arabic content on the internet?
Module 4
  • Final Assessment using case study methodology to measure the outcome of the course according to the course techniques and benchmarks

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