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Train the Trainer-Arabic

Start Date:
10 Dec 2018
QAR 7500
Course Name: Trainers Training
Course Description:
This course aims to prepare excellent trainers with high quality and efficiency in the training field and provides them with sufficient capacity for proper training of individuals; in addition to providing them with adequate knowledge on the practical and applied methods and techniques in dealing with the public and various characters.
In this course, we will provide a combination of theoretical knowledge, exercises and practical activities in order to promote theoretical education. Throughout the duration of the course, the trainees will be recorded four times on video and will be given the opportunity to see themselves by repeating the video footage in order to give an opportunity for all participants to review the strength of their communication and confidence, and their oratory and preparation skills.
This will be a nice competition that will enrich the course and form a constant incentive to develop the personal and scientific skills; in order to reach the most skilled and efficient form of the trainer himself at his work as a professional trainer.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the adults’ education method.
  • Participate with the audience using “the same moment” principle by responding.
  • Deal with different learning styles.
  • Feel your presence.
  • Focus on the audience attention and the techniques for attracting attention.
  • Deal with hard listeners.
  • Avoid common mistakes committed by trainers.
  • Learn how to educate and train participants attentively.
  • Create a full training regardless of the course’s location.
  • Make a positive impression on the listening audience.
Target Participants:
All those interested in the training field.
Course Structure:
Theory knowledge, video presentations, discussions, recording trainees while performing, practical applications, and workshops
Course Facts:
Course Duration: 5 Days


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