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Entrepreneurship Workshop

Start Date:
10 Dec 2018
QAR 13500
Course Name:   Entrepreneurship Workshop
Course Information
This unique program is designed to engage the trainees in the real world of entrepreneurship. The methodology used will enable participants to get hands on the competencies, knowledge and know-how required to be an entrepreneur. As the expected participants no. is 20, the program will be implemented through a team of three facilitators who will have different roles and using facilitation tools, games, practical exercises and role plays; the whole program will combine fruitful results and enjoyable environment.
 To make candidates learn about the basic resources needed to start a new business.
 To know the basics of writing a business plan
 To make candidates learn about the problems and challenges in the process of taking a new business from start-up to growth stage.
 To make candidates learn about identifying and attracting highly talented individuals in the process of forming a well balanced team for a new business.
To make candidates learn about evaluating the various sources of funding that are most suitable for a new business.
Target Audience:
Young entrepreneurs nominated by Ministry of youth and sports
Course Structure:
The course consists of lectures, in-class exercises, group discussions.
Course Facts:
Duration: 10 Days

Program Contents
Section 1
Module 1: Business Idea and the importance of strategic vision in the business
  • Sources of business ideas
  • Screening business and viable ideas
  • Importance of setting short term, medium and long term goals
  • Qualities of good objectives
Module 2: Entrepreneurship skills
  • What is entrepreneurship?
  • Who is an entrepreneur,
  • Qualities of entrepreneurship
  • How to build the entrepreneurial organization
Module 3: Business Environment (Training and Consultation Center in Qatar)
  • Understanding of the term environment
  • Understanding of the term business environment
  • Issue of internal and external environment that affect either positively or negatively the business development
Section 2
Module 4: Business Planning
  • The general understanding the importance of business planning
  • How to achieve the set objectives through the use of Action Plan
Module 5: New product/service development
  • Understand the Importance of Project Planning
  • Understand the key aspects of project lifecycle
  • Understand how to setting targets and estimating costs.
  • Understand the functional requirements for the product/services.
  • The creation of a prototype or pilot model for the product or service.
Section 3
Module 6: Marketing for small business
  • Understanding the concept of a marketplace
  • Understanding the concept of a marketing
  • The differences between a market and marketing
  • Understanding of the importance of 4Ps of marketing
Module 7: HRM for Small Business
  • Understanding the main concept of a HR
  • Understanding the HR challenges in small businesses
  • The skills needed for managing your staff
  • Understanding how to select and evaluate the performance of staff
Section 4
Module 8: Finance For Small Business
  • Understanding of working capital management and its variables ( Cash, Stock, Debtors, and Creditors) and how they relate to each other
  • Reasons for holding reasonable cash in the business
  • Sources of capital to finance the business
  • Financial challenges of partnership
Module 9: Budgeting & business Records
  • Understanding various types of business records
  • Determine types of costs of the business
  • Preparation of Profit and Loss Statement under given period of time
  • Discussion on how the realized profit is apportioned
Module 10: Operation & management for small business
  • Understand the main elements of company operations and be able to analyze the performance
  • Understand the core topics of sustainable business operations
  • Understand how to recognize the business risks and opportunities
  • Understand the know how to “operationalize” key business strategies and tactics
  • Gain an understanding of innovated business practices and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Section 5
Module 11: Prepare bankable business plan
  • What is a bankable business plan?
  • Understand how to pitch for finance for your business
  • Understand what are the elements bankers and financing officers expected to see in your business plan
  • Understand and determine the exact resources you need to start, re-build, or buy a franchise
  • Financial projections
  • Risk analysis
Module 12: Reviewing & Presenting the elaborated bankable plans
  • The main presentation skills
  • Individual or group presentation of the plan
  • Evaluate the elaborated work by the trainer & participants
Section 6
Module 13: The competition (1st tour)
  • Presentation teams / groups of the plan in front of jury
Module 14: The competition (2nd tour)
  • final presentation of selected teams / groups in front of jury
  • ceremony of Award distribution

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