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Government Budgeting-Financial Analysis

Start Date:
24 Dec 2017
QAR 8250
Course Name: General Budget, Financial Analysis of Budgets and Preparation of Final Reports
Course Description:
This course is designed to enable participants to the budgeting skill by identifying the basis of the budget elements estimation from the income and expenditure, and the general rules that govern the preparation and estimation; in addition to providing participants with the skills of preparing the final account and the financial reports. The course also aims to provide the participants with the skill of analyzing and assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of government budgets and how to rationalize public spending and achieve efficient and effective performance while reducing the budget deficit.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able:
  • Familiarized with the general framework for budgets in terms of its concept, its importance and the method of its preparation.
  • Enabled to analyze the final account for public institutions.
  • Enabled to analyze budgets for public institutions.
  • Enabled to detect anomalies, flaws and shortcomings in the budget and how to treat them.
  • Informed about the elements and components of the final accounts and discretionary budgets.
  • Enabled to assess and monitor the strategic plan in their institutions and measure their success.
  • Familiarized with the concept, elements and obstacles regarding the identification of the performance measurement indicators.
  • Enabled to identify the performance measurement indicators for their institutions.
  • Informed about the US and Gulf international experience in the budgetary analysis and performance assessment field.
Target Audience:
  • Financial managers, department heads and financial analysts.
  • Directorate of Financial Affairs and Directorate of Accounts in all public authorities.
  • Auditors and all those interested in the budgets preparation, management and analysis.
  • Operators for the preparation of budgets and final accounts.
  • Those responsible for the follow-up expenses and revenues.
All those interested and working in the accounting and financial departments and institutions in the public and private sector; in addition to the fresh graduate accountants and assistant accountants and those interested in accounting and financial topics in general, and the preparation and implementation of budgets and their financial analysis in particular.
Course Structure:
Lectures, discussions, practical applications, case studies and workshops
Course Facts:
Duration: 5 days


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