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Business Continuity Management-BCM

Start Date:
10 Dec 2018
QAR 8250
Course Name:  Business Continuity Management - BCM
Course Information
Disaster and disruption could strike your business at any time: fire, flood, technical failure, or just being let down by your key supplier. In the event of a disruption, how sure are you that your business will continue to operate.
The participants will leran to identify the key activities that your business carries out that are essential to it continuing during a disruption, deal with risks to your organization and create east-to-use business continuity (BC) plans tailored to your company, giving you confidence if the worst does happen
At the end of the programme, participants will have a solid understanding to :
  • Understand what is a  BCM
  • To understand the organization
  • Explain what risk management is
  • Identify and assess the risk of the critical processes
  • What is a  Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Articulate and carry out BIA for the critical business processes
  • Develop business continuity strategy
  • Develop and implement a business continuity management response
  • Organise BCM exercises by implementing different methods
  • Develop a BCM maintenance strategy
Target Audience:
Functional Managers, IT Managers and Business Continuity Coordinators
Course Structure:
The course consists of lectures, in-class exercises, group discussions.
Course Facts:
Duration: 5 Days
Program Contents
Module 1: Introduction to business continuity management
Module 2: Risk management
Module 3: Business impact analysis
Module 4: Business continuity strategy development
Module 5: Business continuity plan development
Module 6: Business continuity plan testing
Module 7: Business continuity plan maintenance

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