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Introduction to Insurance ( Legal, Regulatory and Technical) - Arabic

Start Date:
10 Sep 2017
QAR 5000
Introduction to Insurance (Legal, Regulatory and Technical)

Course Objective: This course aims to put insurance into context and provide a strong foundation of guiding principles to ethical and sustainable insurance operations.  The course covers risk and risk management, core insurance and legal principles, how insurance operates, overviews of underwriting and pricing, reinsurance, insurance regulation, the structure of the insurance market and the main classes of insurance and current issues affecting the market.
Target Audience: For all insurance personnel across any specialist area who either want to better understand the industry they work in, or to broaden their knowledge into other areas.
Course Structure: This course is conducted using interactive training methods of a combination of lecturing, case studies, group discussions and exercises.
Desired Pre-requisites: None required.
Course Outline:
Module 1
  • Managing risk and the role of Insurance:
    • Understanding Risk and Hazard.
    • The Risk Management Process.
    • How Insurance works as a Risk Transfer Mechanism.
    • The benefits of Insurance.
  • Takaful Insurance:
    • Differences between Takaful and non-Takaful insurance.
Module 2
  • Characteristics of Insurable risks.
  • Legal principles affecting insurance:
    • Utmost Good Faith and Material Facts.
    • Insurable Interest.
    • Indemnity.
    • Proximate Cause.
    • Contribution.
    • Subrogation.
    • Average.
  • Insurance regulation:
    • The role of the regulator.
    • Solvency.
    • Efficient Market conditions.
    • Consumer Protection.
Day 3
  • Underwriting:
    • The role of underwriting.
    • The underwriting process.
    • Factors in Underwriting.
    • Underwriting Cycles.
  • Pricing:
    • Premium structure.
    • Calculating Pure Risk Premium.
    • Types of Pricing.
    • Pricing Factors.
  • Reserving.
  • Structure of the Market:
    • Types of Insurance Providers.
    • Types of Intermediaries.
    • Types of Customers.
    • Insurance Service Providers.
    • Market Organisations.
  • Reinsurance:
    • Purposes of reinsurance.
    • Types of reinsurance.
Day 4
  • Classes of Insurance.
  • Mandatory Insurance.
  • Main classes of business:
    • Motor.
    • Marine.
    • Medical.
    • Liability.
Day 5
  • The main classes of Insurance and types of Insurance products.
  • Current issues:
    • Use of technology in insurance.
    • Emerging risks.


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