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CFA Fall 2018

Start Date:
16 Jul 2018
QAR 13140

Certification Name:  Chartered Financial Analyst  - CFA

Course Information
Your path to a gratifying career in investment and global finance is here. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is renowned for being the most valued credential in the investment management profession. The qualification first emerged in the US around 40 years ago and is now a globally recognized designation with 90,000+ charterholders worldwide. Today being a CFA charterholder is a clear sign that you have the skills needed for effective investment analysis and decision making in the rapidly-advancing global financial industry. This is why CFA charterholders are in demand and many firms are making the designation a prerequisite for employment.
The CFA® Program curriculum zooms in on the precise know-how and skills you need to succeed in the investment profession. Because the market is always changing, the curriculum changes each year to include new tools, ideas, and concepts. This results in a curriculum which truly mirrors the international scope of the investment profession.
Learning Materials
A Smart Investment: CFA® Learning System
Finding a learning system that is focused, effectiveand easy-to-follow is essential. And opting for the
best study material and methodology gives you the edge and provides you with the full CFA®
expertise. Schweser’s CFA® packages coupled with Morgan’s professional live training empower
you with the knowledge and approach you need to succeed. Our various learning approaches
offer distinctive advantages that lead to solid, consistent, and successful results. With Schweser and Morgan International, a 3 level exam means 3 opportunities to successfully pass the exams.
Target Audience:
  • The CFA® charter is ideal for those keen on working in the asset management industry and investment
  • The CFA® charter creates first-class analysts
  • The CFA® charter is especially designed for people who work and hence fits into a busy schedule            

Bachelors degree from recoganize universities. See CFA website for more information about the education requirements
Course Structure:
At QFBA, we appreciate that everyone has a different learning style, preferences and
time constraints. This is why we have include the online learning solutions and question bank.
Live Class
QFBA’s  comprehensive teaching approach is ideal for all types of learners. By combining print with online, multimedia and more, the live class makes understanding, applying, and succeeding something you can take in your stride.  
Online classes are a great option for busy business professionals and it supliments the inclass lecture,  Schweser’s expert instructors know the CFA® curriculum and have insight on how to prepare for the exam. These experienced educators engage students online, clearly explain challenging topics, and go the extra mile to help candidates prepare for the exam.
These packages provide an indispensable foundation for a successful CFA® exam study program! We’ve combined candidates’ favorite study tools to create on-demand packages through Schweser that suit the requirements of each and every one of our candidates.
Preparation Course:
Candidates will attend in class session of 3 hours per day, twice a week for 40 session. The course will be delivered by an industry experienced trainer who is well versed in both theory and industry best practices and will follow the following core Schweser’s teaching guidelines

Exam Facts:
What are the CFA® Exams like?
Knowing what to expect from the CFA® Exams makes all the difference. The CFA® Exams can be challenging,
but they are built in a way that makes them manageable and ensures you have time to study between levels.
Exam Administration: The exam is administered by the CFA® Institute
CFA® Program Levels : Each of the CFA® program’s three levels builds on the preceding one
Exam Duration: Each level exam is a full-day (six hours long) split into two 3 hour sessions (morning and afternoon)
Exam Conditions: Candidates must pass each examination before moving on to the next level (but can retake an exam if they don’t pass)
Level I Exam: Level I can be taken in June and December
Course Facts:                      
Course Duration: 40 Session, twice a week
Session Duration: 3 hours per session



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