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Asset Liability Management-Introduction

Course Fee:
QAR 7500
Course Name: Asset Liability Management - Introduction
Course Information
This is a basic course on ALM. It explains the process of ALM in banks and its importance. The course also discusses the risks facing banks in the context of to-day’s business environment and how ALM can be used as a risk management tool.
Upon the completion of this course, the participant will:
  • Learn to analyze management of both sides of balance sheet of a financial institution facing different risks
  • Understand the relationship between central banks and interest rate fluctuations
  • Analyze and interpret yield curves
  • Know of the different models used to measure risk in the ALM context
Target audience
Entry level Treasury executives, Traders and financial control executives, Investment analysts & Financial analysts.
Experience in asset liability management, Investment and financial analysis
Course Structure
This course consists of lectures, discussions, in-class exercises and MCQs.
Course Facts
Duration: 5 Days

Content Highlights
  • Analyzing a bank’s balance sheet
  • Various risks faced by a bank
  • The concept of ALM in banks
  • Risk management through ALM
  • The Central Bank and the interest rate risk
  • Term structure of interest rates
  • The re-pricing model
  • Maturity model
  • Duration model
  • Liquidity risk
  • Liability-side liquidity risk
  • Asset-side liquidity risk
  • ALCO

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