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Program Structure

The QAML Program will include twelve distinct Training Courses geared towards different contingents of the Public and Private Sectors. These will include specialized as well as integrated courses.  Certification will be provided after each course (except for C1), via a multiple choice test.

Training course 1: AML/CFT Global Standards and Qatar’s CIF Framework Training Program for Public Sector Audiences (Registration)
Training course 2: Elements of an Effective CIF Regime: Financial Sector Supervision Training (Registration)
Training course 3: Elements of an Effective CIF Regime: DNFBPs Supervision Training (Registration)
Training course 4: Elements of an Effective CIF Regime: NPO and Charities Supervision Training (Registration)
Training course 5: Understanding Qatar’s National Risk Assessment for Public Sector Audiences (Registration)
Training course 6: FATF Mutual Evaluation Training for Public Sector Audiences (Registration) 
Training course 7: FATF Effectiveness Training for Public Sector Audiences (Registration)
Training course 8: Illicit Finance Prosecutions Training Course (Registration)
Training course 9: Intelligence and Law Enforcement Targeted Measures Training (Registration)
Training course 10: Elements of an Effective CIF Regime: Private Financial Sector Training (Registration)
Training course 11: Elements of an Effective CIF Regime: DNFBPs Training
Training course 12: Elements of an Effective CIF Regime: NPOs and Charities

Target audience 
The Comprehensive Training Program covers the following public and private sector audiences: 

1. Public sector audiences will include:
  1. Investigative, prosecutorial, and judicial authorities;
  2. CIF regulatory, supervisory, and examination authorities for financial institutions and DNFBPs;
  3. CIF analytic authorities;
  4. Sanctions authorities; and
  5. Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations (“NPOs”) sector regulatory, oversight, and examination authorities. 
2. Private sector audiences will include:
  1. FCC risk managers, compliance professionals, auditors and selected relationship managers for Qatari financial institutions and other covered industries including DNFPBs; and
  2. Managers, administrators, and compliance professionals in Qatar’s charitable sector.

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